Flotilla Redux

Was it only a few months ago that “flotillas” were the Alpha and Omega of the 24-hour news cycle?

Having managed to grab headlines at the cost of getting some of their allies killed, the “Israel Dislikers” spent the summer in hyperdrive, trying to gin up the same level of (self) righteous fury they’ve only managed during wars triggered by Hezbollah and Hamas and promising an endless flow of convoys designed to break Israel’s fully-legal blockade of Gaza.

So anything new on that front?

Well it looks like one group, Road to Hope (don’t you just love the names these militant/propaganda groups choose for themselves?) was able to set sail to Libya with a shipload of “urgent medical supplies” which I believe included a steamshovel (although I can’t seem to find a list of their cargo).

Their plan was to cross by land from Libya into Egypt, but when Egypt refused to let them in they decided to set sail again and deliver the goods by sea to the port of Al Arish. But a dispute over the additional 100,000 Pounds Sterling ($150,000+ US) led to a bizarre incident in which the Greek ship’s captain ditched most of the “humanitarian group” in Tobruk, Libya and set sail for Greece with a contingent of Road to Hopies still onboard (without travel paperwork or passports).

After multiple accusations of piracy, kidnapping and welching, it looks as though all of the people are back where they belong (the Greek ship’s captain behind bars and the passengers back in Europe where their moms can look after them) – although it’s not entirely clear where those “urgently needed” supplies have ended up. All in all, it seems like a lot of excess drama given that Israel already provides a mechanism for external humanitarian aid to get into Gaza (where it travels alongside the tons of aid Israel provides itself to the Strip).

Now convoy supporters have a ready explanation as to why things turned out so sub-optimally for them this time around: evil forces at work that created this mayhem by spreading around “Shylock’s Gold” (gee, I wonder who they could be talking about?).

Well as someone who is periodically accused of being in the pay of Mossad or AIPAC, all I can say is that the cost of running this blog (i.e., $0.00 paid to Google for a Blogger account and some personal time) seems pretty paltry compared to the cost of chartering ships to sail back and forth across the Mediterranean Sea. After all, if $150,000 was the cost of just adding one more leg to their sea journey, how much gold (Shylocks or others) was spent in total on just this one fiasco?

Ah well. At least this time around the high-seas fantasists managed to avoid getting anyone killed.

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  1. Rebecca November 24, 2010 at 10:51 pm #

    Jon – have you been following the fortunes of the US boat to Gaza folks – http://ustogaza.org. For some reason, I'm on their email list, and I get bombastic updates from them every few weeks. Code Pink is intimately involved, and other endorsers include Leslie Cagan, Angela Davis, Hedy Epstein, Rashid Khalidi (who I had thought was more sensible), Naomi Klein, Starhawk,
    Alice Walker, Gordon Fellman (Brandeis sociology professor). It will be interesting to see what happens when they actually set sail (or whatever) to Gaza.

  2. Anonymous November 26, 2010 at 5:08 pm #

    Jon you have a lot of chutzpah. 9 civilians are murdered in international waters by these criminals and you manage to say “at least this time the fantasists managed to avoid getting anyone killed”. Typical Zionist victimhood/entitlement crap repackaged.

  3. Anonymous November 27, 2010 at 9:02 pm #

    Excuse the non-sequitor:

    Join thousands of participants across the country in “Buy israeli goods day”, on Tuesday Nov. 30

    No Justice, no fleece! I'm participating in this BIG deal by buying some beautiful linens by Royal Sateen, made in Israel.

  4. Anonymous November 27, 2010 at 9:04 pm #


    There is a boycott of Israeli goods planned in New York on November 30, 2010. There is also a buycott being organized to counter the boycott.

    I live in Lakewood, Colorado where there is a dearth of Israeli products. However, I am sure that I can at least find some Israeli wine.

    I think it would be fun for your readers to take advantage of this boycott, wherever they live, by buying something they have never tried before.

    Please consider giving this coming Tuesday some publicity.

    Thanks – SarahSue conservative American Jewess


  5. Anonymous November 28, 2010 at 4:59 am #

    Who exactly is the non – sequitor? This blog is about the flotilla and I made a comment directly related to the flotilla, namely the killing of 9 innocent/civilians. You on the other hand comment “buy Israeli goods on 30 november”.

    Moving on to your no justice no fleece comment. “no justice no peace” are just a few words to you because as long as you are on top, i.e. on the side of the dominator and occupier, this is just a game of good/bad and you are the victim/victor. Somehow, with the help of god …… and apache helicopters, tanks, fighter bombers, Israel will overcome. What a f—-g joke.

    Speaking of non-sequitors (there are better and more easier synonyms…how about unrelated?) I read an article by Jonathan Cook a non Jew british journalist living in Israel. He is married to an Arab Israeli and has been living in Israel for years now. His piece on the press coverage of the israel/palestine conflict is, as usual, detailed and thoughtful. Even if you don't agree with Cook he makes a compelling case. Here it is

    http://www.israeli-occupation.org/2010-11-26/jonathan-cook-publish-it-not/ (this is part 1 of 2)

  6. deegee November 29, 2010 at 12:07 pm #

    The flotillas and convoys have very little to do with delivering aid which can be smuggled in, delivered through Israel's good offices or depending on circumstances passed on by Egypt and arrive faster, fresher and cheaper.

    They have everything to do with pretending to be Captain Rhett Butler breaking the Union blockade. It's exciting, there's some danger but not too much and the cameras are on them (Press TV is better than nothing).

    It shouldn't worry us too much. The law of diminishing returns applies. The flotillas, like the Confederate States, gallantly fighting for the right to own and mistreat slaves, they will lose.

    Good Night Irene

  7. Anonymous January 2, 2011 at 3:34 am #

    I will appear in the Colorado Springs municipal court at 1:30, January 6, on charges of trespassing on private property. I was holding a sign “Boycott Israeli Apartheid Products” at the Briargate mall near the Ulta store.
    Ted Nace
    2405 Patriot Heights #4423, Colorado Springs 80904
    719 630-4300 + Akitanace@aol.com

  8. Jon January 2, 2011 at 5:39 pm #

    Hi Ted – Good luck with your day in court. If it helps, I believe the maximum punishment for your offense in Colorado is that the court will call your mom and ask her to take away your magic markers and poster board for the rest of the year.

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