Buy Israeli Goods (BIG) Day – Nov. 30

A dual alert has woken me from my turkey-and-headcold-induced stupor to help spread the word about Buy Israeli Goods (BIG) Day, this Tuesday November 30. The brainchild of the ever-creative StandWithUs organization and the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, BIG Day is designed to bring the successful Canadian Buycott concept to counter the umpteenth attempted boycott of Ahava cosmetics, also scheduled for the 30th.

While not normally a big advocate for holiday consumption (or a big fan of matter, generally), on this one occasion I urge folks to buy, Buy, BUY! Spend money! Purchase stuff! As long as it’s Israeli and please don’t hesitate to continue the habit after November 30.

The success of Buycott and other anti-BDS activities over the last year got me thinking about the role of creativity in the fight against those who have decided to make the defamation of Israel their life’s work, a theme I’ll be writing about over the course of the next week. In the meantime, take a look at this impressive list of general Hasbara over the last year to get yourself in the mood.

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    Thank you, Jon


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