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  1. I thought the BDS movement is like Count Dracula, representing one failure after another. Why go through the trouble of putting together a handbook on how to combat the BDS movement? If they are such a bunch of losers with nothing legitimate to say , let them spew all the garbage they want. They will fade away into oblivion in no time won't you say?

    The truth is very different. Even though Israel manages full well, with no outside help, to delegitimize herself on a near daily basis, its apologists dare not face this harsh reality of the “beloved homeland” (speaking of fictional narratives !)let alone talk and blog about it.

    Time, and more importantly, truth, are not on your side.


  2. I've always found the familiar BSD argument that the existance of critics (such as the new Web site mentioned in this posting, or Divest This itself for that matter) demonstrating the success of the BDS movement as similar to the drunk harasser at a bar who counts the number of women who talk to him (even just to tell him to fuck off) as evidence of his prowess.

    Now by the logic of our friend Anon, the existance of dozens if not hundreds of BDS web sites must be evidence that Israel's virtues and successes are so overwhelming that its critics must throw everything they have at even unsuccessful attempts at denting its reputation.

    Now I can only speak for this site, but I suspect that the reason people are blogging (and commenting) on the BDS movement (for and against) is that we care about the issue and want to do something about it. That's not a very sexy or dramatic thesis, but it does have the advantage of being simple (and painfully obvious) enough to likely be true.

  3. Poor Jon is losing his cool again. In the span of one post the prowess of the “BDS” is compared to a drunk harasser in a bar followed by the statement that people blogging for/against BDS really care about the issue.

    What I stated, and your post appears to confirms, is that the BDS movement is legitimate, otherwise it would have disappeared long ago.

    PS please use spell check to avoid terms like “existance”

    PS 1 I quickly checked the listed website and was thoroughly amused by the step by step “talking points” and scripted responses. The Zionist narrative (these fictional narratives keep cropping up!) must be having a hard time with the truth

  4. Actually, my cool is just fine (but thanks for the concern). And as for the longevity of BDS confirming its legitimacy, I think you’ll find that syphilis has been around even longer, but I don’t think I would declare it more or less legitimate than any other disease as a result. But if that's the company you want to keep, please be my guest.

    Oops! There I go again. No doubt, my potty talk will serve as more proof of the epic momentum of the aptly-named BDS “movement.”

  5. Your potty talk does not legitimize BDS for me (that is a given) but reconfirms your desperation which I find rather amusing.

  6. Here, in the deepest darkest recesses of Northern California, the heart of the delegitimization of Israel, the BDS (blacklist, delegitimization and slander movement)has not had a single sucess . Even the Arab grocery stores have not been persuaded to give up their Israeli groceries.
    Even more dramatically has been the way people (Jews and non Jews alike) have fought back. One independent grocery store adds a new line of Israeli products every time the BDS vandals show up. Another sets up floor to ceiling displays of Israeli products adorned with Israeli flags.
    But go ahead, anonymouse, be a good little BDS'er and keep your chin up, and pretend your movement is growing.

  7. If by “desperation” you mean “enjoying watching BDS slip on one banana peel after another while Israel goes from strength to strength” then you are correct that I must be very desperate indeed.

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