New Holidays!

Apologies to my reader for the month-long obsession with the comings and goings of the Presbyterian Church. While it’s interesting to document the BDS virus (and various attempted treatments) running their course through a relatively large organization, a weeks-long focus on the subject means I missed out on both BDS Media Day on July 5th and the BDS Day of Action on July 9.

This puts me in the company of the other 6.8 billion people on the globe because, as nearly as I can tell, these BDS Days dedicated to ginning up media and action generated none of the former, and little of the latter beyond BDS activists from various countries dialing in to tell each other how wonderful they were.

Given that these and other BDS-related anniversary/celebrations are meant to showcase the vast progress “the movement” has been making, one would think that it would include an actual BDS success, rather than just report out how busy and noisy everyone is being on the arbitrary date they have set for their alleged fifth anniversary.

I say “alleged” because BDS should actually be celebrating its 10th anniversary, given that the divestment project started with the 2001 “Celebrate Racism” conference in Durban, not with the PACBI boycott announcement in 2005 that BDSers are currently using to mark the day of their birth (a date which allows them to flush a half-decade of failure from ’01-’06 down the memory hole).

With Israel’s export-fueled economy expanding at a rapid 3.6% clip the first quarter of 2010, I think it’s fair that divestment backers start demonstrating what they’ve accomplished in real terms, other than to gather in various cities to pat each other on the back and possibly vandalize a couple of grocery stores.

In the meantime, I’m declaring July 15th to be “Israel is Just Great Day,” a new holiday which asks people around the world to demonstrate their solidarity with the Jewish state by wearing clothes. As you walk the streets this Thursday (i.e., on Israel is Just Great Day) in villages, towns and cities around the world, surrounded by people wearing clothing of all colors and descriptions, just remember that every non-naked person you see represents one more person laughing at BDS while celebrating the Jewish homeland.

Hey, why should the divestniks be the only people who get to create their own ever-changing, self-serving metrics for success?

One thought on “New Holidays!”

  1. Well, here’s a typical BDS “success report”:
    ” […] Israel is on the brink of change or collapse. This choice will not be enforced at gunpoint or rocket-point; nor will it be triggered by world governments. Rather, it is the growing BDS movement […] that is enforcing this change-or-collapse choice on Israelis […] The effect spills over to Israeli artists as well: […] Another show, by metal band Orphaned Land, which mixes Arabic and Jewish-musical and cultural themes in their music, was also axed from the upcoming Sonicsphere Festival, featuring Metallica, Megadeth and a slew of other leading hard rock bands “…

    This is coming from one Rachel Giora, a professor of *Linguistics* (Chomsky? Are you there?…) at Tel Aviv University, see her self-posted picture here…
    One wonders what style she would like her Burka to be when she finally gets her wish of Israel's downfall:,7340,L-3912144,00.html
    ” […] Since coming into power, Hamas has implemented strict religious decrees, in line with Islamic law, into public life in the Strip. Last summer, Gaza's top judge ordered female lawyers to wear Muslim headscarves to ensure that women dress in accordance with Islamic law, which requires women to cover up in public and wear loose fitting garments that show only their hands and faces. “

    Meanwhile, in another part of town…
    ” […] Record tourism to Israel in first half of 2010 – A record 1.6 million tourists visited Israel in the first half of 2010, up 39% compared with the first half of 2009 and up 10% compared with the first half of 2008. […] 214,000 visitors in June stayed at least one night in Israel, an increase of 19% compared with June 2009 […] The Ministry of Tourism estimates, income from incoming tourism (excluding air travel) reached $1.55 billion in the first half of 2010. “

    Note the above figure doesn't include several hundreds more arriving by way of flotillas, although they too, “have stayed one night in Israel”…

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