Deutsche Bank Hoax Confirmed…

It looks like one of the pieces I linked to yesterday actually confirmed that the Deutsche Bank divestment story was another hoax, a la TIAA CREF and Blackrock from last year. With this many data points, I do hope that news outlets (especially Jewish and Israeli ones) can start treating future press releases about alleged divestment by financial institutions with the kilo of skepticism they deserve.

In fact, we need to all start requiring actual public statements from those who are supposedly doing the divesting (like colleges or investment firms) with quotes from high officials saying they are selling shares for political vs. financial reasons before we take any future divestment story seriously.

And speaking of frauds, I’ve not had the chance to check in with Hampshire College, site of the original BDS hoax that kicked off last year’s academic divestment kick, since the anniversary of the original false divestment story in February. Fortunately, my friend CitizenWald, an academic and blogger from Western Mass, has posted several pieces reflecting on the Hampshire/Students for Justice in Palestine tale as the Hampshire academic year came to a close. Read them all here.

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