Missed these BDS Fiascos

I’ve been so busy covering BDS getting kicked down the stairs at Berkeley over the last couple of weeks, I’ve neglected a few additional divestment defeats during that period, including:

* The Swedish Cooperative Union has ruled out boycotts of Israeli goods at Swedish cooperative stores. (Perhaps they are following the Rochdale Principles on political and religious neutrality cited by the Davis Food Co-op when they unanimously rejected a boycott last year.)

* Canada (the land where the Buycott was born) is issuing a postage stamp commemorating 60 years of Canada-Israel diplomatic relations. The usual suspects are planning a boycott. It’s unclear how they will do this, given that no one buys stamps any longer.

* At last week’s Israel-bashing blarney-fest at the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, the local Israeli union representative gave the assembled delegates what for after the Irish Foreign Minister criticized the union’s boycott calls and former Irish President Mary Robinson refused to attend the meeting. This was all largely moot since the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland, which has halted most European airline travel, meant few people were actually able to make it to the event.

For that last victory, credit has to go to Yakov Shmiplewitz, the Learned Elder of Zion currently responsible for the earth’s crust.

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  1. Anonymous April 19, 2010 at 1:56 pm #


    Considering the number of unemployed educated young Irish people leaving the country to find work these days,you'd think the ICTU would have other priorities. The BDSers really are dodos.

  2. Anonymous April 22, 2010 at 8:00 pm #

    You can clock up this one in Belgium against the Dexia Bank. A major setback for boycotters who had been speaking of a major success:

    Echec de la campagne anti-israélienne contre la banque Dexia en Belgique


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