Speaking of Apartheid

Given that the organizers of this week’s so-called “Israel Apartheid Week” (actually two weeks – they can’t even tell the truth when saying the word “week”) has dedicated itself to my obsession, BDS, I thought I’d cross-post something from my pal Sol’s site here. So, without further ado…

Speaking of Apartheid

Students who will be exposed this week to the so-called “Israel Apartheid Week” need to understand that the entire framework behind the Israel-Apartheid accusation is based on a cover up.

During the 1980s when the Apartheid government of South Africa needed 15 million tons of oil to fuel its military and its economy of repression, virtually all of that oil was imported to Apartheid South Africa from the Middle East. South Africa paid a premium – in gold mined by black slave labor – for that oil, the lifeblood of their racist regime. As the Kenya Daily Nation said at the time “Arabs are buying South African gold like hotcakes, thus helping to sustain that country’s abominable policy of Apartheid.”

It was during this period that the accusation that Israel was an “Apartheid State” was born, an accusation designed to throw the unknowing off the track as to who was truly oiling the wheels of Apartheid.

Flash forward to today when organizations like Hamas regularly incite genocidal hatred, yet simultaneously accuse Israelis of doing what they openly advocate (at least in Arabic). For these organizations, the legal segregation of Jews from the rest of the world (their own version of global Apartheid best exemplified by their so-called “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” or BDS program) is of less interest than outright extermination.

Those who join in the activities surrounding Israel-Apartheid Week in the name of devotion to human rights seem to have adopted intentional or unintentional ignorance regarding who really practices Apartheid in the Middle East today. Repression of women (or gender Apartheid) is enshrined in national and even religious law in one Arab country after another. Brutality against homosexuals (or sexual Apartheid) has been behind legalized murder of scores of gays and lesbians across the Muslim world. The repression of religious minorities (or religious Apartheid) is considered legal (even sacred) by those who accuse Israel of repression and racism. And speaking of racism, the practice of slavery directed against Black Africans still finds a home in the 21th century in Sudan, a nation which is a proud member of and protected by the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

And so the cover up of who truly supports and practices Apartheid continues behind an incessant propaganda campaign directed against the only country in the Middle East that has free speech, free elections, an independent judiciary, human rights for women and homosexuals, and the most varied population of racial and ethnic types in the world: Israel.

Unless and until those behind this month’s Israel Apartheid Week’s activities take the time to explain these contradictions, students are free to assume that everything taking place on campus this week and next are simply exercises in low-rent propaganda based on Apartheid Week advocates’ assumption that students are nothing more than a bunch of ignorant suckers.

Note to Apartheid Week’s organizers: We’re not!

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  1. Yes thank you for this clarifiction and I add the Apartheid and ethnic cleansing of Arab jews from the Arab lands, almost one million of them who were ostricized, robbed of their wealth, lands, homes, expelled and that does not include those who were murdered just because they were Jews. What is the Arab world doing now to address the one million Jewish refugees who fleed for their life?

    What makes the media wear filters when looking at the attrocities the Arab world committed aginst the Arab Jews? What makes University leaders lend a blind eye, deaden the voices and hide the truth and tolerate the practices and atrocities that the founders of their countries worked so hard to eradicate? Where is freedom here and who is willing to stand for freedom, honor and retribution? Israel is doing everything it can to empower her citizens: there are women, moslems, christians, religious and seculars in the leadership. Yet who is allowed in the leadership of the Arab countries? How many women? how many non-islamists? I

  2. Having watched the campus left at work since the '60s, when I was an undergrad, I think the IAW campaign is about the self-justification of the left. Socialism has been debunked, falsified, rebuked again and again, but the leftist lifers who collect like algae in the pool of academic freedom, continue to troop the flag of political failure. They supported Stalin, Fidel, Mao and now this bizarre alliance with the authoritarian puritanism of unreformed, pre-modern Islam.

    Specifically, the left has glommed on to Palestinianism and reconfigured the Palestine narrative to suit its own ends. It desperately needs a success to justify its legitimacy. Israel looks like a juicy target. The world's reservoir of anti-Jewish fantasies can be tapped and transformed into a political score.

    The left harkens back to the Apartheid “triumph” in S.A. and seeks to make the fight against Israel coincident and congruent with the struggle against the old regime in S.A. Leftists are desperate for this win against Israel, against Jewish national identity, against the “exclusivism” of the Jewish people, and they've strayed into the old waters of leftist anti-Semitism (I call it Zionosis) to win the day. What we've witnesssed, I believe, is the resurfacing of the inherent anti-Jewish narrative of Socialism — originating in Marx's “post-Jewish” desire to see an end to the Jewish people. The very existence of Jewish national identity is a constant “separatists” rebuke to the cherished Socialist notion of “common humanity”. Dissolving the Jewish people and the Jewish State into the global mass is the objective of IAW, not Palestinian human rights. Anti-Zionism blended with historical leftist anti-Semitism is the weapon of choice.

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