Film Boycott Update

For this blog’s 100th post, I wanted to provide updates on the James Cameron-Israeli film boycott flap. The latest news come from The King of the World himself who basically tells the boycotters in no uncertain terms to fuck off (I’m paraphrasing).

Check out the latest here and here.

Oh and I just noticed that his colleagues at York University are none-too pleased with the originator of this hoax and have overwhelmingly voted to take part in the Israeli film program their colleague was calling on the film world to boycott.

As with all attempts at cultural boycott directed at Israel, every action by BDS activists creates an overwhelming and opposite reaction.

2 thoughts on “Film Boycott Update”

  1. The faculty at York U are a big problem. I am glad to hear that Greyson got his knuckles wrapped. He and Wazana are lucky that Cameron, who is apparently a friend of the magnificent Simcha Jacobovici (who made mincemeat of pro-boycotter pseudo-intellectual Naimo Klein over CBC radio's air waves back at the time of lst fall's TIFF) didn't take action against the two of them. Greyson and Wazana aren't kids. Both should know that you don't circulate e-mails, even narrowly, claiming you have the endorsement of certain well known people unless you actually do have their endorsement.

  2. In this case, Greyson's colleagues at York formally distanced themselves from him and voted to participate in the Tel Aviv University Film festival.

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