Thank you Mr. Galloway! May I have another?!

Apparently, a link I provided to an account of the Gaza Freedom March (GFM) fiasco in Cairo was edited once the author discovered that his post “was being used by an idiotically raving Zionist blog in order to discredit the movement to free Palestine.”

Who moi?

The author goes on to state: “It was my intention to offer a frank and entirely subjective appraisal of our failures and successes, in order to learn from our mistakes, not to aid the enemies of common decency. Therefore, I have removed this post.”

First, an observation. I can’t count the number of times that the Jewish community has been accused of marching in lockstep in their support of Israel, silencing all American Jews who dare not toe the party line. (Interestingly, these accusations are frequently made by Jewish critics of Israel in columns that routinely get published in major American newspapers, or broadcast nationwide on television, cable, radio and the Internet.)

But as the quote above demonstrates, it seems as if it’s Israel’s critics who feel the need to not just hide, but to burn and bury their dirty laundry in some kind of “not-in-front-of-the-Zionists” show of false unity that suppresses any public display of disagreement.

In this particular case, here you an activist who (putting aside my disagreement with his chosen political positions) provided thoughtful commentary on some serious problems that attended an ill-conceived protest in Egypt that, among other things, helped seal off the Egypt-Gaza border even more tightly than before and even managed to get someone killed.

But once that criticism got picked up “outside the family” out came the eraser, and away went any trace of internal reflection, to be replaced by the new official party line (that Israel and the US were to blame for the GFM fiasco(s) by muscling their Egyptian ally to treat the Gaza Freedom Marchers as a bunch of troublemakers). Apparently, if it’s a contest between “learn[ing] from our [the GFM’s] mistakes” and providing ammunition to the “enemies of common decency” (i.e., people who disagree with the GFM party line), then it’s “No Thanks” to learning anything, followed by “Thank you Mr. Galloway, may I have another!”

As a final note, while I’m sure this site contains its fair share of idiocy, it’s a little light on the “raving Zionism” if only because the focus of my blog is not Zionist politics per se, but the fight against Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). And remember that BDS is a fight that I did not start. BDS came to me in my former hometown of Somerville, Massachusetts trying to turn a friendly community into their political plaything. BDS has attempted to insert itself into universities, churches, unions and community organizations, usually gaining nothing for their effort, but managing to create chaos and ill-will in their wake.

Despite the pose struck by its proponents, BDS is a militant attack that twin targets the state of Israel and peace itself with the recent chaos at the Egyptian-Gaza border (where GFM protestors got to maintain their self-perception as “peace activists” because someone else pulled the trigger that got an Egyptian cop killed) a perfect microcosm of where this warped ideology leads.

As long as people make it their business to use this tactic, regardless of the wreckage it causes, they will find people like me using what resources we can muster to make sure their squalid little BDS project enters its second decade with nothing but failure to show for itself.

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  1. Anonymous January 14, 2010 at 5:39 am #

    “while I’m sure this site contains its fair share of idiocy”

    And that precisely why we come here! Pinky and the Brain at Hampshire College? What could be better than that?

    Oh, I know, Mr. Kotter!!!
    Pinky and the Brain at Hampshire College in

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