Clip Show – Buycott, Invest, Celebrate!

I decided to take my response to last weekend’s Hampshire BDS yak-fest to a friend’s blog, which is why there’s been less about that event here at Divest This! Just so all of the info I’ve been gathering or creating on BDS is in one place, I’ve decided to re-post those messages here over the next few days. (And yes, those of you who realize it’s a long holiday weekend will recognize this as the equivalent of one of the holiday clip shows we remember from TV series of our youth.)

So without any further ado, it’s time to Buycott! Invest! and Celebrate!

I was going to celebrate Israel’s fantastic October, during which the country attracted a phenomenal 1.25 billion in new foreign investment (not bad during an economic downturn).

And given that those pikers peddling their boycott, divestment and sanctions wares were able to convince themselves that TIAA-CREF selling a measly $250,000 in Israeli real-estate stock was a major vindication of their cause (even though CREF let it be known that their sale had nothing to do with politics), by following the BDS rulebook I guess I can claim that support for Israel (as demonstrated by investment levels) has outstripped hostility towards the Jewish state (as demonstrated by divestment “success” – even if only imagined) by a factor of 500,000%.

But why quibble with these statistics when anecdotes can suffice to demonstrate divestment’s track record as an L-O-S-E-R of late?

After all, as I describe here and here, the BDS “juggernaut” can’t even pull off tricking an LA teacher’s union into swallowing their poison. And given that the only institution in America that rivals Evangelical Christians in their deep attachment to the Jewish state is the US Labor movement (which would explain why they keep that giant bronze statue of Golda Meir in the lobby of AFL-CIO headquarters), I’m not quite sure where all the excitement about “divestment ascendant” is coming from.

But I guess my favorite recent tale was about the failure of the usual suspects to get the New York Mets to cancel a fund raiser for the Jewish denizens of Hebron. I mean come on! A fund-raiser for the dreaded Settlers (Bogga! Bogga! Booga!) in the heart the most blue and green city in America, and the BDSniks can’t even get the Mets to lend their cause anything beyond a “F*ck y*u very much for your concern” letter?! (Oh, for an interrobang.)

I’ve heard that aptly named “movement” (i.e., the divestment brigade) will be gathering at the scene of last February’s hoax: Hampshire College for a weekend celebration of their wonderfulness. So what better time to highlight the failures of said movement over the next week here at my favoritist of all Web sites, Solomonia.

Stay tuned…

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