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I got something in the Forward today, a response to a particularly wrong-headed “Divestment’s got the wind at it’s back” piece a few weeks back by one of only a handful of writers (thankfully) who fell for the whole TIAA-CREF hoax.

Meanwhile, an interesting development among our friends in the Great White North who have just started a Buycott campaign to counter some of the more egregiuos boycotting activities that have been taking place in Canada over the last couple of years.

Gimmers of sunshine always help on a dark day.

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  1. Anonymous October 9, 2009 at 5:14 pm #

    We need to start a Buycott Israel campaign in America! We've got to light a fire under our local Federations and get them to unify and start this here, now.

    A friend of mine owns a shoe store that features Naot- beautiful, comfortable Kibbutz-made shoes from Israel. She remarked to me, somewhat wistfully, “I wish they would boycott my store. It would be so good for business.”

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