Is Divestment a Threat?

FAQ#10: If divestment has been so unsuccessful, is it really a threat?

Despite divestment’s losing streak, calls for divestment have gained considerable momentum based on a single victory, such as the temporary support divestment had with the Presbyterian Church which was used to inspire hundreds of divestment projects between 2004-2006.

Divestment programs also tend to distort debate on college campuses, creating a discussion over whether or not Israel should be punished for its “crimes,” rather than pointing out the inaccuracy and unfairness of these very accusations or the responsibility of Israel’s accusers for the situation in the Middle East.

Divestment also tends to do tremendous damage to the institutions which embrace it, poisoning the atmosphere and creating hostile environments on campuses and elsewhere. For all these reasons, divestment needs to be fought whenever it rears its head within any civic institution.

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