How does divestment manifest itself on college campuses?

FAQ 4: How does divestment manifest itself on college campuses?

While new tactics are always being attempted, divestment tends to appear on campuses in one of three ways:

· Petition drives (often online petitions signed by students, faculty and alumni) calling for a school to review its endowment and retirement investment portfolios in order to divest from companies that do business with Israel

· Requests for meetings with college and university leaders, or managers of school endowment and retirement funds, to request a portfolio review (often in the guise of a call for “ethical investment”)

· Motions within student government bodies asking for official endorsement of divestment motions to be forwarded to campus administrators

These tactics are often linked, with petitions or student government motions being used as a way to use alleged student opinion to demand meetings with decision makers involved with school investments.

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