Cooking the Boycott Goose

Well, not as many recipe suggestions were posted as I’d hoped, but given the amount of Israeli couscous that’s entered the economy over the weekend, every little bit helps. So for all you fellow Trader Joes fans:

I Buy Lots of Israeli Products offers this simple recipe:

slice an onion & brown in some olive oil, add 1 cup Israeli couscous & toast a bit, add some whole cumin seed -stir then add hot stock (try around 1 3/4 cups) and some grated raw carrots & garlic, cover & cook until done for a delicious Uzbek plov style couscous- add s& p to taste & some chopped parsley.

He/she also offers the following advice on the recipes provided by my mom (which appear two posts down):

btw- re:the recipe from Gil Marks you listed for steamed couscous- this type of big couscous -ptitim- needs to be cooked in liquid- it’s a type of pasta & won’t work steamed. the smaller grains of couscous can be steamed.

Irina at BlueTruth suggests the following (which sounds great):

Put in the rice-cooker bowl 1 cup of couscous, cut vegetables like green beans, bell pepper, broccoli, cut mushrooms, seasalt (from Israel), and two tablespoons of Alfredo Mushroom souse. Amount of vegetables to your liking. I like more of it. Add water, about two-three cups, and you can add, if needed. And just turn on the cooker. In less than half an hour you get a delicious entri.

And then there’s my favorite:

Grilled vegetables (zucchini, squash, asparagus and portabella mushrooms) cut up after cooled, mixed with cooked Israeli couscous, doused with Brianna’s French vinaigrette and served warm or cool (not hot).

If that’s not enough, 925 additional recipes appear here:,13639,14830&title=couscous

Also, a friend got boxes of frozen Israeli herb cubes when the local Trader Joes sold out of couscous. She’s willing to trade.

Has political action ever been so tasty?

Go Joe!

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  1. Victor June 23, 2009 at 6:38 pm #

    I'm posting this twice to get more attention from your loyal readers 🙂


    Everyone, please remember that it's not merely an issue of buying Israeli products once.

    Even if you don't regularly buy Israeli products, whenever you go to a large grocery store, ask them for some specific Israeli food – Halva, Bam Bams, etc. By asking for them, they WILL take notice and will make purchase inquiries, possibly leading to an order.

    If Israeli products are on the shelf, even if no one is familiar with them, chances are someone will buy them, creating a new source of revenue for Israeli companies and more awareness of Israeli products.

    Mention things like, “Yeah, the supermarket I usually go to has Israel Couscous and they can barely keep it in stock. You guys (meaning the supermarket) should get some.”

    I also do this to encourage more kosher products. Don't be shy! Be a pest! The best way to beat BDS is to help expand Israeli exports.

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